Punch Presses Hydraulic

Hydraulic presses are available in a basic program with deep-drawing presses and large bed presses in the 1.000-120.000 kN force range. We use optimal concepts for presses for different types of press operations depending on the area of use. The concepts are based on technically advanced modules of hydraulics, control systems and frames.

The presses can be delivered as individual machines or as components of a complete production line. Our partner AP&T also manufactures and markets hydroforming presses with locking forces of up to 200.000 kN.

Example of a production solution for a multi-press line

This production solution is suited for operation with cut blanks, circular or rectangular, where high production speed is required.

The hydraulic presses are equipped with large openings on each short side, which is of great advantage during tool changes. The number of presses in this type of production line is unlimited.

Tool set-up in this type of installation consists of one tool per press, and tool changes are performed quickly and easily on the short sides of the presses.

The distance between the presses can be made very short by using our compact press robots equipped with four-piece transfer beams. The 2-axis press robots move details directly from press to press.

Finished details are handled by an automatic coordinate stacking system. A 3-axis press robot stacks the details, and filled pallets are automatically transported out of the plant. The plant is equipped with an operator's panel for optimal control and supervision of the entire press line. All the machines in the line are controlled and monitored from this panel.