Stock & Die Lubrication Systems

Our partner FlexSpray offers the most complete & reliable line of airless spray stock lubrication systems. FlexSpray's ability to control volume, location, and timing will result in substantial cost savings. Systems are constructed of quality stainless steel and have been engineered with individual stainless steel volume control pumps, available in micro, standard, and heavy duty capacities to accommodate a wide variety of stamping applications.

Choose from a variety of High Quality Systems:

The most complete and reliable line of spray lubrication systems available since 1984. Featuring 10 standard models that offer:

  • Precise Metered Lubrication - Capability to control volume, location and timing.
  • Unique Modular Designs - Allowing easy pump and option expansion.
  • Increased Die Life - Lubricationg critical die areas extends production runs.
  • Reduced Lubricant Usage - Proper application of die lubricant eliminates waste and improves the pressroom environment.
  • Increased Productivity - Reducing hear promotes increased press speeds.
  • Improved Piece Part Quality - Proper lubrication improves part quality and reduces scrap.