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Within our automation program, AP&T manufactures and markets one of the most complete programs for blank feeding and part handling during press operations. The program, which is based on modules, includes everything from destacking and blank feeding to robots and stacking of the finished details. We supply a well-developed assortment of accessories for these units, such as transporters, safety guards and grippers for details as well as functions like full-automatic changeover and gripper exchanges.


AP&T has an extensive product range which allows us to offer anything from simple up-dates of existing equipment to complete production solutions. Our unique module-based system also makes it easier to find new combinations of solutions for the specific need of the customer.


AP&T has gained vast experience of different details from many lines of business during the years. Today we are highly qualified within many niches, and draw from our high level of knowledge when customizing solutions for our customers.

Below you can find a small selection of details. Don't hesitate to contact us, regardless of what your products looks like.