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The Mini-Mod Senior SR-2200

Controller Overview SR-2200

The SR-2200 is a Control Reliable Clutch Brake System that uses state of the art technology to incorporate some Press Automation features such as Die Protection, Programmable Cams, Counter output and a Brake Monitor.



  • Dual, dissimilar microprocessors.
  • Inch, Single and Continuous modes of operation.
  • Includes inputs for external safety devices like gate interlocks and safety light curtains.
  • Built-in, time-based brake monitor.
  • Two, programmable output cams.
  • Two programmable die protection inputs with 8 modes of operation
  • Counter output
  • Industrial grade absolute encoder is included.
  • Top-stop proximity switch and bracket is included.
  • Plain English, diagnostic display.
  • Supports the use of one T-stand.
  • Hand or foot operation selectable.
  • Optional:

    • Remote monitoring of individual presses.
    • Data collection.
    • Error log.
    • Down time recording.

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    The PRESS-MIZER 1000 is a Cam Based Control Reliable Diverse Redundant Clutch-Brake System that uses state of the art technology.

    With the addition of a Brake Monitor you can bring your Punch Press up to current Standards. Click for more.


    The Mini-Mod Senior SR-2000

    Control-Reliable, Clutch Brake Controller. The cost-effective Compliance solution. Click for more.


    • Compact design
    • Dual, redundant microprocessor design
    • Supervisory key selectable “program” or “run” functions
    • Built-In brake monitor with programmable “Warn” and “Fail” setting