Resolver Based Clutch Brake Controls

The PRESS-MASTER 1.5 is a Control Reliable Clutch-Brake System that uses state of the art technology to incorporate press automation features such as Die Protection, Programmable Cams, Tonnage inputs (Strain gauges extra) Job Memory, Job Counters, Brake Monitor, Diagnostics Counterbalance Monitoring and more.

Press-Master 1.5 Flyer

Clutch Brake Control and Automation:

  • Modes of operation: Inch, Single, Continuous, Continuous Set and "Auto Trip for Automated Presses" .
  • Rugged Absolute Resolver.
  • Time Based Brake Monitor with, Warning Limit, Fail Limit, Drift Detection, Motion Detection and Inch Mode Upgrade.
  • Four column Tonnage (Stain Gauges extra).
  • Twelve Programmable Die Protection Inputs Standard with Eight modes of Operation and individual cams.
  • Four Programmable Output Cams.
  • Two Configurable Output Cams. can be configured as: Lube Control, Hydraulic Overload or Cam.
  • Eight Analog inputs.
  • Eight 120VAC inputs
  • Sixteen 24VDC Inputs
  • Seven Digit Job Counter (Does not count in INCH mode).
  • 500 Job Memory with "6" Numeric Digits.
  • One Main Matrix Display.
  • Two Internal Displays for System Diagnostics.
  • Error Messages for Press Diagnostics on Main Display.
  • Two RS-232 Communication ports.
  • Data export capable
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable CSA Z142-02, OSHA and ANSI standards.