Ergonomic Press Initiation


Closeup Photo of Ergonomic Palm Buttons
What is CTD and CTS?

The patented Ultra Touch (R) system had been designed as a direct replacement for standard spring-loaded mechanical palm buttons and is designed to fit into existing operator palm button stations without modification.  CSA and UL certified.

The Ultra Touch enclosure is molded, high-strength NEMA 4 polycarbonate module designed to meet the high impact and vibration requirements of industry.

The circuitry of Ultra Touch is also designed to provide second-order failure protection providing an unparalleled level of safety and assurance against inadvertant actuation or failing in the "on" or conducting mode.  The Ultra Touch  is designed so that two modules, when spaced and located properly in accordance to OSHA and ANSI hand control distance formulas (the same formula is used for mechanical  palm buttons), require the operator to accuate the switches concurrently.  Ultra Touch provides an unparalleled level of ergonomic machine actuation while giving the operator the benefit of using the correct ergonomic hand position of neutral, 0o deviation, and 100% hand power.